Accidented (after the politics of Kenya)

his honor was a psychotherapist’s goldmine
and a chairman of a parade of white cars in the province
where the white cars roam
but he didn’t have that much left to trade
and he was accidented

and so it follows that

we’ll be wearing red shirts when the rooster is in the pot
and the angels are bowling and cracking jokes of lightning
before the celebratory revenges start
when you are accidented

there’ll be a parade after a coup
large tropical fruit and fanfare
it’s a politics of the bananas versus the oranges
feathers waving like mardi gras
when you are accidented

there will be scholarly discourses and private elevators
people without teeth on the side of the road
offering milk but then secretly
making Krismasi Changaa*  in the bushes
when you are accidented

because my brethren, it is written:
a large mallet hits a very tiny nail
and a big truck hits your three wheeled economy
and you are accidented.

you’ll get no notices and be
accidented, accidented,
so accidented,
so very properly accidented.

* Christmas Moonshine