burst (after cnn coverage of the 1991 gulf war)

media camouflage
dry reports become wetter
a bloody minestrone served at this satellite link oasis
portable disk packs (magnetic slivers bit shift daggers)
become wayward sand saucers, like whirling alien orbs
smart bombs drop on the minarets
ground chuck diplomacies
slop on the bib of nebuchadnezzar
let my people go to desert pornographies
why we need another aladdin lamp
bit-synchronous protocols used to retransmit
our latest update
we seem to have lost the video portion of this mutilation
little kuwait little lithuania
set up under the tent of summarizations
like the tower of babel
bombed back to babylon
the tv reception is bad: but the super bowl will go on
that was no scud missile
that was cnn headline news
c'mon soften your heart baghdad
soften the troops
pulverize neurons
slap those sappy synapses into shape
here she comes! miss america, chocolate chip fatigues!
unconfirmed as of yet wait
confirmed retaliation
aleatory of bit shifts
digitalized shut up infrastructure flying in the face of saddam
our latest update reconfirmed
we will bring you face to face with incredible coverage
she had the nerve to take my place at the bomb shelter!
mesopotamia yesterday iraq today iwreck tomorrow
a veritable smorgasbord of sorties
they could come with chemical invitations
we are not doing the home show as usual
it's 11:59:37 let's get the latest
sirens have been wailing
we have interrupted our usual programming
to bring you this extra special update
they should be operational in a few days
we pleaded with the censors
some fifteen thousand people gathered across from the white house
bomb damage assessments (bda s) are a slow process

we want to emphasize, at this point, unconfirmed reports
to keep you informed the very moment we find out more we’ll tell 
a brief spell of scud relief
as the relentless pounding of infrastructure remains priority
we can’t seem to tell the air raid signal from the all clear 
dozens of ambulances were seen in the suburbs
as this photo opportunity emerged the power died
what remains to be seen from this latest attack
where the lost tribes of media swarmed locust like
in violation of the geneva
i found this piece of debris -still warm to the touch
even cnn tried to outdo cnn
ambulances are boats on the river of blood
fishing in this gulf of burgeoning regret
our latest reconfirmed update
careened down the camel's hump
poisonous  snake  specialists -herpetologists with  a  flare  for 
we seem to be under attack from the scudettes
ronettes without melodic aim
these press cacophonies are worse than tight underwear
circulation deranged
a pie of pandemonium
stand in line for it
but please show your badges
the first thing is to dig in on the beach
where skirmishes sing
surfin' safari trench tarantella
yellow ribbons stretch as far as the camera can see
as long as is necessary but not a nanosecond longer
on course on schedule things go well
containment effort more difficult
spread five thousand bomblets