canto ( a sea town, nearly perished)

phosphor at the edges of being beat-up
verbal ringing flights of sandy bird-wrecks
someone in a wharf ditch again
tatters for sails, breakfast

resume singing as a remnant, retro-making
ever a star even a seed of planets
wish away barter essence
summers ago, then in flora

begin with stars and recommend last turns
bright and garnished, on and on
waste away in brooms of fog
of anger expiated down in bones

mark trajectories infused infernal
while steeped in cosmic paeans
ecstatic breath of  meteor-dragons
carry on a river for sparks

reduction commends the residue
galactic flotsam starting a commute
radios and trumpets mix an employment
focused on the decay for recompense

desfloriation of the leftover householders
again mutineers quaffing a drizzly story
eidetic parades in lonely minds of wind
brackish ghost planks underhanded

churn fair days, cloud lines of  curlews
a reawakening of asymmetrical feet
off to race the stories with phlegm
boulders smiling, ready to sail