elegy (overcast)

froth dispersed at meaning    
sudden ebb of anticipation
now, standing in detritus
as ships list in all my plans
futility with barren triumph
the pointless pointing at charts
where a fog resumed in control
snapped plans, burning the accomplished
sliding towards oblivion and its endless blankets
hearty soup designer vomit
shackles around the beach resort       
a revolution turned inward in mud
finery begot listless gyroscopes
the pigeons listen for the useless
to me, helplessness served
i cry out for oblivion  
stark meat for solemn arrival
discounts for the benefits of crows
turgid metamorphosis in candle light 
as the hagiographies rattled for another rendition
a greased martyr tested and lab-slain
by the attendants, bald and some hairy
for the flag of the rotted georgian republic
kebabs of medical discernment