pathways to mindlessness (In memoriam Philip Hellsten (1952-2009))

what I said is whatever
what I meant has just died
can I steal a few moments
before the future subsides

sitting on top of a mountain
saying prayers to nothingness
turning all the objects to subject
pathways to mindlessness

swami said better be mindful
open the doors follow the bliss
doing nothing is my yoga
there’s no karma with mindlessness

get a load of bar room blondie
vibrato in a show tune dress
drinking those socratic cocktails
pathways to mindlessness

that plein air fellini
paints all those pictures so sunny and fresh
but at night he gets his camera
there’s no landscape like mindlessness

hanging on the roof with starman
watching jesus change his consciousness
passing ‘round that astral communion
pathways to mindlessness

what i said is whatever
what I meant has just died