puppethood (after the film “The Killing Fields”)

on the cambodian border
a hot black candle up the ass
searing pain from the metal
and uncontrollable laughter

the doctors dispense it
with the shrugs and jerks of a marked marionette

on the driving range
after practice refreshments
there were those who opted for hemlock

as dogs mock their cocktail masters
as andy warhol silkscreens the horror over and over
as a tourist pleasure cruise down the nile
becomes an odyssey in purgatory

and the logisticians throw up their hands in abandon
like contingency tables
their chequered cocks at the ready
they vomit strategies all over the palace

in every heart's moat
drowning puppets
gulping down an illusion of life
while masked soldiers look on

handsome vivisection of intellectuals
and fields groaning and groaning with territorial upheaval

old men in the park
scratching themselves
like flea-ridden hounds
contented with crusting yellow residue
that once was their cum
their once glorified seed
worshipped before an altar set up with cellophane wrap
and incense that smells like insecticide
and black candles that shine like leather

congregations of flies
the market is bustling this time of year
a drive-thru mortuary is in the blueprint stages
and the architects groan and groan
from their own horrendous potentialities

a slow submergence of the victim
he dies of his own fear
before he dies of hypothermia
and a gallery of cocktail clowns jerks each other off
in mockery of the puppets they squeeze like pus-filled egg rolls

greasy greasy laughter
waiter, may i have the check, please?
the rhinoceros spits at the waiter
and the moat metamorphoses to
a watering hole
on the east african veldt
with all sorts of creatures in their cellophane uniforms
and sadistic interludes
during which
not one
but hundreds
and later thousands
of puppets become hors d'ouevres for the responsible clergy
and little fluffy morsels
to throw miraculously into a babylonian soup

as he shook his thing off into the blue water of the toilet
and marveled at volume
and the yogurt-like consistency
of the cooling residue
the puppets were flushed by a trembling hand
and the gallery wildly applauded
the invasion was over.